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Promoting health or well-being of body, mind, and/or soul.Sound in body, mind, or morals.Somebody who is pure of heart, devoid of corruption or malice, modest, stable, virtuous, and all-around sweet and compassionate.
The actor playing the boy next door endeared himself with his wholesome, naive aura and his cherubic good looks. The equally wholesome girl next door held her own with her eager puppy charm and wide-eyed cuteness.

Katie and Laurel were the best of friends that anyone could have. Raised in small towns, their sweetness and wholesome nature stood out in the jaded streets of Santa Monica.

wholesome: define #2
A meme which is taken by a different turn to express love and affection, instead of usual lewd or negative meme. It overall makes you feel good.
memer 1: my gun doesn’t shoot bullets

it shoots love💕💕❤️

now that’s wholesome

wholesome: define #3
Often brings to mind the blonde, corn-fed farm girl from middle America, but describes a whole slew of different types of women/girls.

Being “wholesome” does not make a girl average, ugly, or boring: In fact “wholesome” pretty much just means a hot girl that isn’t jarringly gaudy, obnoxious or slutty.

My best friend Jenny is gorgeous, but she doesn’t let that get to her head. She’s so modest and wholesome.
wholesome: define #4
A word to discribe something that’s swell. Like quaint, super, dandy or all-American.
The Smiths are a wholesome family that always show up for local events. Mrs. Smith makes the best apple pies.
wholesome: define #5
A person who is overweight; has hefty bodily qualities.
Person 1:”Who’s the guy that does that song? The Wholesome one?” Person 2:”Sean Kingston?” Person 1:”Yeah! That’s him!!”

Person 1:”You know that girl Emily in your bio class?” Person 2:”Which one?” Person 1:”You know, that Wholesome one?” Person 2:”OHHH YEAHH!! I KNOW HER!!”

wholesome: define #6
Super fun games with your fam
Aria and her fam engaged in some good old fashioned wholesome family fun in a water balloon fight.
wholesome: define #7
As describing a work:

1. Conservative propaganda written under the paper thin veil of being nonpolitical due to allegedly being common sense.

2. A work so devoid of meaning that it successfully avoids conflicting with the sensibilities of anyone, by virtue of saying nothing noteworthy at all.

As describing a person:

1. Someone who consistently adheres to the superficial cultural markers associated with conservatism.

2. A woman who happens to have been born with relatively unpronounced secondary sexual characteristics.
Do you have any wholesome movies that won’t upset my precious baby?