Who is this?

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Who is this?
A new phrase girls use ever since Facebook came out,Whenever a guy pokes the girl or says hello the girl

will think she is smart by using the modern phrase who is this? But in reality she just makes herself look stupidMost the time the term is used when the girl obviouslyA. Knows that she does NOT know the guy, but want to be a smart alec to make the guy feel bad and for her to feel good about herselfOrB. She knows the guy but she wants to pretend like she never seen the guy before to cover up somethingMost guys would go cry to their mommies when a girl says ” who is this? “But a few of the stronger ones with more pride and dignity will just think the girl has a peanut for a membrane

Guy: Hi its Jake

Girl: Who is this? ( thinking she is getting the best of this guy by pretending she does not know him, stroking her own ego )

Guy: This is the second time I introduced myself to you, and you still don’t know who this is, you must be retarded or something, we’d probably not be a good match anyway

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who is this?
This is now being coming a very common question asked by many people. It was started of by answering a telephone but now is used all the time! It is often found pretty funny by young immature people who go to the live. Next time you answer the phone say “WHO IS THIS???”
“who is this??” ow alrite stevo mate PUHHhhhHHHH