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The word whittonite, see also chavs, was derived from the word “Whitton”, an area of Ipswich.
Stereotypically, these people are loud-mouthed,

offensive, and listen to hiphop or rap music.
They tend to look down on anyone who hasnt been brainwashed into thinking smoking and wearing fake burberry is cool.
They can often be seen hanging around on streetcorners, near mcdonalds or generally anywhere that isnt near their neglectful and possibly abusive parents. They are usually uninventive characterless teenagers with single-digit IQs, and a tendancy to fall pregnant at 14.
They dislike anyone that shows the slightest bit of creativity, and they start one-sided fights with goths, greebos and moshers who just want to get on with life, and live it their own way, doing what they want.

You want an example? take a walk to the nearest park or mcdonalds and watch it for yourself. You will begin to discover how pathetic these people really are.