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Whitfield Party
Parties that are typically held in the Midwest, they are heavily influenced by homemade speed and bath salts. Partygoers will

search for the most depraved and taboo sexual acts they can find on the internet (this may be done while wearing ninja suits or kimonos). Usually, at some point, a person may become offended by a slight, real or imaginary, directed toward them by a person that may or may not exist. At this point, a sword is often brandished before disappearing into the night to burglarize cars and homes.

“Man, you missed a crazy Whitfield party last night! Dave thought he was being cussed out by somebody that wasn’t even there, he pulled a sword and flipped out. He ran off into the night. Chris said he found him passed out on the toilet at his house trying to take a dump while wearing a ninja suit.”