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Town north of Allentown, Pennsylvania, USA. Your typical older suburb, PA 145 (Macarthur Road) strip jampacked with ugly shopping

centers and housing developments. Still some nice places to live in Whitehall if being close to shopping malls is important, but the Allentown ‘hood is spreading across Rt 22.

Oh shit, have to go to Whitehall, the wife needs something at the Lehigh Valley Mall but she doesnt want to go anywhere near there.
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A street in London between Parliament and Trafalgar Square. It’s often used to represent the British civil service, since loads of government offices and ministries line either side of it.
We think funding of schools should be dealt with by local councils and not by Whitehall
Whitehall: define #3
A shitty ass town in Upstate New York. They are nicknamed the Railroaders. They all wear flannel and don’t know how to party. A bunch of losers.
Young man #1: Let’s go cowtipping?

Young man #2: alright, off to Whitehall we go!
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White Hall
A small town in Illinois that’s famous for drugs, corruption, and bad water. If you insult one person you’ve insulted an entire family, because everyone is in fact related
“Man I’m thinking about sending my kid to White Hall if they don’t straighten up.”
Whitehall: define #5
This park is for top toppers! bad man gangsters jam here. dont beef it with the ghetto kids of the area
Yo..this is rudeboy ends aint it bruce

Yeah truss 2 many gangstas on ends