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whitefish bay
A small suberb pop: 13,000, just north of Milwaukee. Commonly called Whitefolks Bay. Most of its citizens are

upper-middle class. Has 2 public elementary school, one of the best rated Middle schools (and so far one of the best forensic teams) in Wisconsin and two High schools, one public, and one not. Incredibly conveienet due to the fact that everywhere is easily accessible via foot. Is infact ~not~ highly consertive, yet split, just like the rest of Wisconsin. Up until around Middle school, but may still remain so, is often split into a north end and south end . “Downtown” is considered to be Silverspring, which runs east west in the middle of the city. The streets were also built ~over~ the rivers and creeks that used to be there, providing a mosquito free envoirment.

Word of advice: Don’t go to the parks in Whitefish Bay, Cayhill and Big Bay at night.
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Whitefish Bay
Whitefish Bay is a small town located in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. It’s absolutely tiny and it’s terrible to live in. Everyone knows everyone. Only white people live there. Everyone’s conservative and use their rich suburbian parents’ money to buy drugs and pretend their lives are hard. There’s a Whitefish Bay Middle School and High School. There are tons of little cliques in every grade and the teachers are retarded, like Ms. Smurawa who left over spring break because she was on drugs or something. All the girls are wannabe sluts and the guys are wannabe stoners. Never move to Whitefish Bay, it’s full of rumors and bullshit.

Claudia: OMG like cool you wanna hang out after school and we can have sex or something?

Frankie: yeah, great, right after we smoke dis shit up.


Frankie: really? well you can’t blame me, i live in whitefish bay.
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Whitefish Bay
Whitefish Bay is a small suburban village just north of Milwaukee, Wisconsin. It has a very small area of only 2.13 miles but is very big in heart. It has a wonderful school system with it’s high school ranked 31st in the nation. The neighborhoods are wonderful because the community is very tightly knit and people in Whitefish Bay are very friendly. One of the main spots in Whitefish Bay is it’s “main street” Silverspring Drive. Silverspring has everything from orthodontists to a movie theater. Over all the village of Whitefish Bay is very nice and you should swing by sometime to say hi!
Person 1: Are you going to Run the Bay?

Person 2: Yeah! Whitefish Bay is so beautiful I have to run!


Person 1: Honey I got a job in Milwaukee!

Wife: John that’s wonderful! Where should we move?

Person 1: Whitefish Bay obviously! It’s the best village for Jordan and Becca to get an education!

Wife: Oh yeah! What was I thinking?
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whitefish bay
also known as:

-Whitefolks Bay

-Whitefish Gay

-Whiteface Bay

-Whitebitch Bay

yea so basically its a gay place to live so dont ever move there….

Living in whitefish bay SUCKS.