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White trash work ethic
Self-delusional banter from uneducated, obese white males; which describes all of the “things” that one is going to do, should

do, and has to do. In reality, these “tasks” are either delegated to a spouse, significant other, friends or children – or not done at all. A typical venue in which this To-Do list is discussed is while sitting down, drinking beer and/or chewing tobacco.

White trash work ethic example:

Person 1: “Next week, I’ma gonna hafta moov all deze boxes out of the living room, den I gotsta haul all dat trash outa da garage, put in dat new batroom, and maw da lawn.”

Person 2: “Really? You’re going to do all that by yourself? Your such a go-getter! Is your wife going to wipe your ass for you again and do it? Or are you going to pawn it off on one of your friends? You’re such a fat, lazy leach of a shit.”