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White Rice
A food. Commonly used as a filler in meals as it’s known to go with most anything. Also common due

to being cheap. Kills birds at weddings.

I went to a Chinese resturaunt and got orange chicken over white rice.
White Rice: define #2
White Rice
Any person of caucasian blood who attemps to imitate his asian counter-parts by either-

A. Buying an import car and performing cheap mods. (see Ricer)

B. Puting parts and stickers intended for use on an import car onto his domestic car. (like seeing a Mustang with a kanji symbol on it)

C. Dating only Asian chicks and any one of the afore-mentioned offenses.
Wow, that blonde dude is driving a supra with a cheap skanky AZN ho. What a White Ricer…
White Rice: define #3
White Rice
Half white, half asians. Because white rice is white, and rice is asian so therefore white race means someone thats half asian and half white.
Woah man! That’s a hot bowl of white rice here!

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White Rice: define #4
White Rice
A Caucasian who wants to be/thinks he/she is of Asian descent. Often frowned upon by Asians.
Fuck that kid is white rice.
White Rice: define #5
white rice
1) Normally a Caucasian who acts or wants to act like Asian. Little derogatory.

2.) But also used to describe a Caucasian person who has actually lived in an Asian nation for a while or grew up in an Asian family. Not derogatory.

1 Check out that white rice in the souped -up civic.

2 We call him White Rice cause his dad was in the military stationed in Japan for 12 years.

White Rice: define #6
A white male or female that yearns so intensely to be asian that at heart they belive they actually are
Eric thinking he can do kunfu… what a tripped out Karate Cracker
White Rice: define #7
white rice
A person of white and asian descent. An endearing term.
I call my friend Matt “white rice.”