Whiskey Nips

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Whiskey Nips
(n): “That Guy”, specific to an occasion of severe drinking and mayhem.

Bill was so whiskey nips last night, he ended up naked on the side of the road with no recollection of why he was there or why he was naked!
Whiskey Nips: define #2
whiskey nips
Similar to “whiskey dick”, whiskey nips refers to a woman’s inability to reach climax via breast stimulation due to severe inebriation.
Tom: “…what’s taking so long?”

Luke: “Sorry, I drank too much loko tonight”

Tom: “Dammit Luke, you’ve got whiskey nips again!”

Cale: “No homo.”

Whiskey Nips: define #3
Whiskey Nips
1. The drunkest member of a group of friends.

2. A person so drunk he begins partaking in asinine and often ebmarrassing activities.

3. “That Guy”

Tom was totes whiskey nips last night. He started rubbing strangers heads!