Whiskey Mike

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Whiskey Mike
Military phonetic alphabet for the letter W and the letter M. When together, they are an acronym for Walking Mattress.

A Walking Mattress generally refers to any female soldier who is a slut and will drop her panties for anyone.Very common overseas in combat zones. This is due to the fact that after several weeks of separation from normal pretty women, ugly and otherwise nasty female service members somehow become attractive. They will never receive as much attention as they will while deployed, so naturally, its easy to get them in bed. Thus they become a Walking Mattress.The unfortunate and sad part about this, is that once they return stateside, they will be ugly again, but their reputation and habits seem to follow them back. Likewise, they will continue to be a Walking Mattress on post or in the barracks.It is not uncommon for them to be found wearing make up in a combat zone.

Soldier 1: “I need to get my dick wet soon, I can’t take much more of this!”

Soldier 2: “Seriously, we’ve been in country for 3 weeks, chill.”

Soldier 1: “I’m gonna head over to the motor pool and track down a Whiskey Mike.”

Soldier 2: “I have a better idea. Rather than risking your dick rotting off, lets head over to the Air Force chow hall and see what the number one vajean situation is over there.”

Soldier 1: “Thanks for having my back.”