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Whiskey and Cokedrugs
The only way Whiskey is drinkable.The best fuckin way to get drunk, tasty and intoxicating!Also can be Whiskey and Pepsi.

Hey dude lets go get drunk!

Awesome! Let me go to the store, what do you want?

Whiskey and Coke of course!

Whiskey and Coke: define #2
Whiskey and Cokedrugs
The sissy way of drinking whiskey, makes for an awfully sweet mixture that doesn’t really taste like Coke, but also not like whiskey. A waste of a good drink and a good soda. And in some bars, if you order a whiskey, waiters won’t even ask and bring you just that. Particularly in gay bars.
“Yo, I just ordered a bottle of Jack Daniel’s whiskey for us!” – “Great, I love you, man!” – Bottle arrives – “Wait a second, what the fuck is that supposed to be?!?” – “Did he actually mess it up with Coke!?!” – “LET’S VANDALIZE THIS PLACE!”(Conversation between two gentlemen who both hate whiskey and Coke)