Whipped Antics

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Whipped Antics
Antics performed in a whipped fashion on one or more girls, preferably ones in a relationship (so one is confined

to the whip extremely tightly). This normally includes chirpsing on twitter, by text or bbm during the day and especially during school hours where others can give banter whilst one texts their whipped love. The Facebook whipped chirpse is commonly seen as an error as one can be baited out but also their filthy lines can receive likes and comments.

*Boy tweeting a girl in public about getting their phone fixed and how much they have to catch up on. – “Mate hush your whipped antics”

Boy wall to walling to a girl – “Mate this wall to wall is a whipped antics”

Boy seeing a girl on the way to school in the morning and speaking to them – “Mate we would be on time if it wasn’t for your whipped antics”