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When the steering wheel was first put into use in automobiles, it was called the “whip”. The whip is

what you used to control the horses on a stagecoach, hence the analogy. Many years later, various hip hop artists noticed that the Mercedes-Benz logo resembled a steering wheel. They then proceeded to use the old term “whip” to describe any Mercedes-Benz vehicle. The term has now been generalized to classify any expensive automobile.

The new show “Unique Whips” on SpikeTV is obviously going to suck.
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The most irrelevant dance move in the universe but performed by every human being on this earth, including moms.
“Watch me whip! Now watch me Nae Nae!” nae nae
Whip: define #3
A Nice Car , usually expensive.
Damn, Check out that Tight Whip! That’s them G’s right there!
Whip: define #4
A term used when something is awesome, cool, or fucking awesome.
“That whips so hard”

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Whip: define #5
A very, popular hip hop dance. It involves bending your knees, leaning to the side, slightly bopping up and down, and throwing your fist out.
This my song right here! I’m about to hit the whip!
Whip: define #6
A whip has simply come to represent a car. It has been said that it was used a long time ago when a whip would be used to steer the horse-drawn carriages. It is used in hip-hop fashion, and it has come represent any car not neccesarily a really nice car.
“Yo, you want scoop me to scoop you up, I gotta whip”
Whip: define #7
A whip is just a car. I notice, as documented in the examples, that whip is most often used when you are talking to someone about their car.
“Friend #1: Hey, Eric, I like your new whip.

Eric: Thanks man, it’s alright.”

“Friend #2: Yo, Eric, I got a new whip.

Eric: Aww, foreal? What kind, man?

Friend #2: A Civic. But it doesn’t work right now.

Eric: What’s wrong with it? …”

“Now I’m super fly slick without a roof on my whip…”

-Lloyd Banks