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Wheezy Waiter
Wheezy Waiter is Craig Benzine, a video content creator, who has a popular channel on YouTube and a blog under

the name Wheezy Waiter. Craig has been creating Wheezy Waiter videos since June 2007.Wheezy Waiter is as popular as other video content creators who are defined on Urban Dictionary.Craig calls himself Wheezy Waiter, because when he started creating videos for the internet, he was working as a waiter and because he has asthma. (He no longer works as a waiter.)In his videos, Craig often creates vocabulary that catches on very quickly and begins to be widely used on the internet, including the terms doobly-doo and noodle boiler, which already appear on UD.Wheezy Waiter videos have many repeated themes, including: use of slap bracelets to celebrate, clones of Craig punching each other, winks that make a dinging sound, music playing when Craig’s chair slides across carpet, Craig playing a version of his mother who stands at the window and profanely criticizes him, and lots of attention to Craig’s beard, which has become Wheezy Waiter’s trademark. (Wheezy Waiter viewers are referred to as beardlovers.)There are also long series of videos on a single theme, such as a long series of videos he did of song puns using breakfast items (Eggs over Easy E, Braneater, Iggy Pop Tart, Barack Obomelette, to name a few). His longest-running series is Free Bagel Friday, when he punches his boss to steal his boss’ bagel.

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Wheezy Waiter is the greatest non-Ze-Frank vlogger of all time. – John Green, another content creator who’s defined on UD