whats happening

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whats happening
whats going on in your life; hows it going

person b: not much bro u?
whats happening: define #2
What’s happeningwork
Hey, Peter. Whaaat’s happening.

Did you get the memo?

We are putting cover sheets on all the TPS reports now.
whats happening: define #3
Whats happening?
You asking it, so you know whats going on with the other person.
For instance: “whats happening?”

“Shit, nutting man, keeping it real, popping that shit”.

whats happening: define #4
whats happening
When your confused and dont no whats going on you say this.Tommo usally uses this cause he is always confusede and doesnt no whats going on.
Ben:Fuhkn oi bra cumom what the fuck you doing.

Tommo:I just stacked and the pain wont go away its hurting bad shit.


Tommo:arhhhhh whats happening.