Best definition
Indifference to what a person is saying! Who cares!;Get a Life!

Sam: I am the best in Math because I keep getting straight


Greg: Whatever!

Whatever: define #2
Used in an argument to admit that you are wrong without admitting it so the argument is over.
Man, whatever.
Whatever: define #3
What ever
Whatever really means Fuck you.
Someone: I hate you

You: Whatever (Fuck you)
Whatever: define #4
“i don’t give a shit”, and “fuck you”, especially when sent as a txt message


“that’s bull”

jimmy to carol via txt: “hey did you hear a.b the gig my band is playing this friday?”

carol: “whatever”
Whatever: define #5
The answer to everything.
Girl: Wanna go catch a movie?

Guy: Sure, whatever

Clerk: Hey, you gotta pay for that!

Kid: Whatever dude.

Whatever: define #6
Really means- i hope you fall off a bridge, get run over by a boat and then get eaten by a shark.
‘i wasn’t thinking when i said that’


Whatever: define #7
The polite way of saying fuck you.
him: why dont you do this….

me: yea ok, whatever