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What The Dick
What the dick is a phrase that is typically used to express frustration, disbelief, dissatisfaction, irritation, and many other emotions.What

the dick should be used only in the most serious of situations.If you’re looking for an alternative phrase that may be used in less serious situations, we recommend using the phrase “What the dicky”.

What the dick Blaine; why did you just hit me the face?
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what the dick
used in place of what the fuck
what the dick!! where the dick did he come from
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What the dick?
A variation of “what the fuck?”

It is not commonly used, except by hipsters, art majors, and weird/odd people. Usually heard after a night of heavy drinking.

“Guys, what the dick? I think I left my wallet back at the bar”
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What the Dick
a replacement for fuck.Can be used in a positive manner or negative.
“yo what the dick,my car ran out of gas”