Best definition
Well Fucking Done

Everyone in that performance was clicking. Quality audio, lights and video were all WFD!
WFD: define #2
Wouldn’t Fucking Dare

Expression used when someone feels strongly about a situation that they would not personally put themselves in
Mollie: i hate her atm. I actually WFD!

Monica: I know yeahh same tbph

Mollie: Lol
WFD: define #3
A white, female dentist. WFD’s are usually at their peak bitchiness while attending university. they are a very close knit group who have no issue stabbing each other in the back, then being best of friends 2 seconds later
person 1 – ‘are you coming out tonight?’

person 2 – ‘who’s going?’

person 1 – ‘just a few mates but i think the WFD’s will be there….’

person 2 – ‘pass’
WFD: define #4
Woopdie F*cking Doo!!
Someone tells you something that really doesnt interest you, so you tell them WFD…
WFD: define #5
You crashed the car? WFD!
WFD: define #6
We Fuck (Your) Dad(s)

The nuclear bomb of social media one upmanship. People may call you Hitler!1! or RAcist!!!1! or tell your bigoted ass to bake their cake. So when you want to denotate their entire existence, simple tell them you are gonna fuck their dad. Shorthand: #wfd.

Because when you bring that wack garbage, you’re gonna updated.

William HIll doesn’t ban winning bettors, they solely exist for the benefit of the betting consumer.

Bullshit, I am limited there because I win too much. WFD.
WFD: define #7
Were Fucking Dead.

-Usually someone says something like this when a bad event occurs.

-Dude the cops saw us and its three hours past curfew.!!


-shit, RUUNNNNNN!!!!

*2 minutes later*

*inside the cop car*

-Were calling your parents and you each get a $200 fine.-the cop