Best definition
WFB – Working From Boat – The act of being on a boat and working instead of in a standard

office or cubical.

Today was such a nice day, I decided to WFB.
WFB: define #2
WFB means – What a Fucking Blog

After you read a blog then you will yell out loud “What the Fuck?”.
Hey Ben I read my boss’s blog. He fucked our secretary last night. Check it out man.. WFB
WFB: define #3
WFB means Weezy F Baby, a nickname for Lil Wayne.
“She lick me like a lollipop.” -WFB
WFB: define #4
Working from Bed
Sure she said she’s working from home, but really you know she’s bundled up, bummin it and WFB with Netflix on in the background.
WFB: define #5
Well-Fucked Bitch. This is actually an outlandish female hairstyle. The gist of this is that you see a woman in a coffee shop easting breakfast in an evening dress, usually in a morning-after scenario and her hair is just all wild and out of control.

Some women will intentionally style their hair “well-fucked bitch”.

Oh my, there goes another WFB.
WFB: define #6
Way Fucking Bright (noun). When looking through your transcript, college advisors would give an amazingly all-around intelligent person this title. pronounced “wf ba”
“She can sing, act, she gets great grades, and she’s street smart” – guy

“Wow, sounds like you snatched a wfb!” – other guy