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Wetter than a Schoolgirl on Prom Night
A colloquial expression used to describe a situation or condition, for a male or female, that creates extreme excitement, creates

a state of extreme euphoria or is extremely stimulating. Excitement, euphoria and stimulation may be visual, emotional, physical and/or sexual.

Example 1: Carla was Wetter than a Schoolgirl on Prom Night when Carla saw the line up of artist at upcoming EDM festival. She couldn’t wait to get her tickets.

Example 2: Roger was summoned to his bosses office at 4:30 p.m. on Friday. Fearing the worst, he presumed he was getting fired. However, he left the office Wetter than a School Girl on Prom Night after being told he was getting a raise and a promotion.

Example 3: After several hours of sexting and sexual banter during the course of their date, Frank and managed to get Rhonda so hot and so turned on that she was Wetter than a Schoolgirl on Prom Night. Ronda was peeling her panties off in the car as they were pulling back into the driveway.