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A small town in Alberta, Canada. A place where legends are born.

Hey man, let’s drive through Wetaskiwin!
Wetaskiwin: define #2
Ugly. Add my snap tho nick_westfall
Fuck crack heads from Wetaskiwin scare me
Wetaskiwin: define #3
Wetaskiwin is One kick ass city

when you go to wetaskiwin go to a Pawn shop

there are alot .. you can buy stuff that was stolen!

all the first Nations will fuck you up

never wear Native clothes

you’ll be shot

go to the skate part were all the Gangs hang and Brag!

you’ll get raped You should never fuck with these guys

Jim : i went to wetaskiwin and watched a guy get shot at the skate park!

tony : No way When was it!?

Jim : during the pioneer Days at the skate park!

Tony : No way im going to go there!

Wetaskiwin: define #4
Wetaskiwin, a town about an hour south of Edmonton. The populous mainly consists of white trash (this is visible due to the amount of missing teeth, small diy tattoos and diesel trucks) and inbred Indians coming from the nearby reservation. Wetaskiwin has lots of pawn shops due to the high frequency of Indians stealing property. Fast food restaurants are to be avoided during the winter months, as homeless people tend to hibernate in the bathrooms. Do not be seen outside with cigarettes as it will usually attract unwanted attention (ei. “Hey dere can i bum a shmoke?)

Wetaskiwin is best avoided.

Jim: Damn did you hear about that guy getting stabbed to death in a McDonalds bathroom?

Mike: Yeah i did it happened in Wetaskiwin, an Indian sleeping in the bathroom stabbed that guy 30 times because he didnt bum him a cigarette.

Jim: Oh in Wetaskiwin, makes sense.