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wet willie
The act of moistening one’s finger with one’s own saliva, and inserting said finger into another’s ear canal.

I pinned Julie to the ground and gave her a wet willie.
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Wet Willie
A wet willie is when you’re fingering a girl and she gets really wet, then you put your finger in her ear.
Man 1: I gave my girlfriend a wet willie last night so she couldn’t hear my mom from upstairs
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Wet Willie
A joke some people play at parties. It consists of poking your finger first into your own mouth and then into your “friend”‘s ear. It was originated on the “SpongeBob SquarePants” cartoon show. SpongeBob played it on Patrick Star.
Patrick: “Did you stick your tongue in my ear, SpongeBob?”

SpongeBob: “No, Patrick–I gave you a Wet Willie!”

Patrick: “Oh, okay. I thought you were doing something gross!”

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wet willie
Insert wet dildo into the ear of your lover or friend in an attempt to be funny…then run like hell.

Can use saliva or other bodily fluids.

Dude I gave her the best wet willie ever…then she beat my ass.
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Wet Williework
See Illustration. Anytime. Anyplace. Especially the Anal Office.
“Monica, you dirty girl…Wet Willie is coming …ugggggggghhhhhhhh”………..

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Wet Williework
blow job
“Bro last night Jessica gave me a mean wet willie”
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Wet Willie
While getting head pull her head back and turn it sideways and blow it in her ear.
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