wet down

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wet down
The act of urinating all over the walls, floor, and ceiling of a public restroom, paying particular attention to the

toilet paper. This move is especially useful when the bathroom is a fucking mess. In some situations, a brown down might be preferred.

Guy 1: That fucking waitress was such a twat.

Guy 2: Yeah, that’s why I gave the bathroom a wet down.

Guy 1: Awesome. Did you get the toilet paper?

Guy 2: Fuck yeah!
wet down: define #2
An event that occurs when someone just turned 21 or hasn’t experienced the tradition. The individual will not pay for any drinks, But the individual cannot refuse any drinks offered by his or her friends. Individual must finish every drink offered.
We are going to give Sally her WetDown tonight to welcome her through the new threshold of age.

Bill made sure to eat bread before his WetDown tonight.

wet down: define #3
1) Awsome; great; superb; excellent

2) In basketball, when a player is tallying a high percentage when shooting jump shots, especially three-pointers.
Damn, Kobe jus’ hit like 8 threes! He’s on wetdown, wet like a sponge baby!