wet ass

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wet ass
A person who is generally in a consistently bad mood. A contrary person who typically likes to shoot down ideas/plans. Someone who “1ups” positive comments with equal or greater negative comments.
God damnit Dave, quit being a wet ass!
wet ass: define #2
wet ass
1. Usually what you get when you have a wet, moist, hot steamy smelly fart.

2. A person who has a smelly sweaty ass all of the time.

(A)- If you are sitting in a cloth covered chair the smell is always trasfered to the seat.

(B) – If you are sitting in a plastic chair it always leaves you sweaty ass condesation prints on the seat.

1). Friend – Jim did you fart?

Jim – Yes and now I a have a bad case of wet ass


(A) – Take a wiff of this seat cusion. Jim has a case of the wet ass.

(B) – Gawd damm. look at that chair, Jim must have a wet ass.

wet ass: define #3
wet ass
To get up from the toilet without wiping ones ass; usually to do something urgent such as answer a phone or to get a new roll of toilet paper when none is left in the bathroom.
I quickly wet assed it over to the guest bathroom after realizing, too late, that the roll in the master bathroom was empty.
wet ass: define #4
Wet Ass
When your inner ass cheeks are moist . And feel like you have baby oil between your biscuits.
Damn I have Wet Ass. I feel like I have Crisco between my butt cheeks.
wet ass: define #5
Wet ass
What you have if you sit in a vehicle after it rains and you left the windows down
Oh shit!! I forgot to roll up my Windows before it rained. I will have a wet ass next time I go to drive.