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Westside Connection
A rap trio consisting of Ice Cube, WC, and Mack 10 (aka The gangsta, The killer, and the dopedealer).

Their gangtsa rap lyrics are accompanied by great urban beats. Hail from South Central LA.

Gangstas don’t dance we boogey, stay the fuck away from the rookie.
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Westside connection
A rap group Consisting of Ice Cube, WC, and Mack-10
Westside Connection
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Westside Connection
Composed of Ice Cube, WC,and Mack 10. Straight of the streets of South Los Angeles. Some of the realest Muthaphukka’s who ever set foot on this earth.
Do not mess with westside connection, unless you want to get your punk ass slayed!
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West Side Connection
“The threat to the world is not over.

As we speak, our futures in grave danger

Ice cube, Mack 10 and W.C. are…MASTERS OF GANGSTERIZM.

A group of organized street thugs turned business men

The Gangster, The Killa, and the Dope Dealer.

Through out the western hemisphere connection cells have been multiplying faster then anticipated.

World domnination is a true reality we must face, it is…upon us.

Capitalism, Materialism, and Imperialism, our world must never fall in the hands of the WESTSIDE CONNECTION.”

So what the fuck we gon do now

What the fuck are we gonna do now?”

“So what the fuck we gon do now

What the fuck are we gonna do now?”