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Somebody from Western Australia (a state in Australia, obviously)

Jack: Where is he from again?

Tobias: He’s from Perth.

Jack: Then he’s Westralian
Westralia: define #2
Common contraction of Western Australia, an Australian state. (See also: greatest Australian state.)

Also what Western Australia would be called if it seceded from the (markedly less-awesome) eastern states.


“Westralia- quite possibly the greatest of all Australian states! Certainly a damn sight better than Tasmania, and at least it’s not Queensland!”


Westralian secessionist: “Secede, fellow Westralians! Recognition of the 1933 referendum’s result! Off with the yoke of federal government oppression! No more being held to ransom by over-taxing dickheads in the East! Westralia for Westralians!”

Normal Westralian: “… Literally no one with a brain thinks an independent Westralia could be a good idea, you sound like a bloody Confederate flag-waving redneck from the US!”