Westminster College

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Westminster Collegecollege
A liberal arts school located in the Amish country of Western Pennslyvania full of the most well-educated and well-rounded individuals

that exist on this planet. Those who attend Westminster typically follow the phrase “Work hard, party harder.” The education is rigorous, and the parties are delightful. The campus itself is filled with squirrels and people who make it is as adorable and friendly as a summer camp.

Shandalisa: Hey, did you see those awesome, really intelligent sexy kids at that party?

Kim: Yep, they must be from Westminster College!

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Westminster Collegecollege
Westminster College is a small school in Western PA that is known for its ugly, trampy female students and its stupid, cocky male students. The typical Westminster student is often drunk, throwing themselves at members of the opposite sex, and sleeping in puddles of their own urine. The school and its affiliates should be avoided at all costs.
Herb: Did you see that guy at the party last night?

Melissa: No, what happened?

Herb: He was so drunk that he had sex with an ugly girl from Westminster College!