Best definition
The act of saying or doing something arrogant/egotistical.The act of always trying to put the attention back on yourself no

matter the situation.Originating from Kanye West.Someone who is constantly Westing is called a Wester.


Shane – My dads in hospital.

Dane – No shit? Is he ok?

Kanye – Yo, I was in hospital once. loved myself too hard…

Shane – I’m going to head over after if you wanna come.

Dane – sure man.

Kanye – I came once

Dane – stop fucking Westing.


Jane – I like your skirt.

Kanye – Its not the skirt. Everything looks fantastic on me.

Jane – Oh ok.

Kanye – more than ok. Nothing is ever less than spectacular with me. I mean look at me. I made this, I wasnt just born. I created everything you see…. I.. I .. Me .. Me..

Jane – You’re a bit of a Wester arent ya?

Westing: define #2
1.When someone gets too messed up and throws up, especially from the consumption of marijuana.

2. Passing out because you drank or smoked too much, then waking up because you need to puke.

“Damn brochacho, you are westing”

“…. *no response*….. *Pukes brains out*…”
Westing: define #3
1)To be extremely arrogant or condescending.

2) To be insensitive to another’s feelings.
Man, Kanye was really Westing when he told Taylor Swift Beyonce’s video was better.
Westing: define #4
Going into a “battlefield” alone/with no crew.
“Woah, he’s westing, he’s got balls”