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Living in or being from West Seattle, usually people involved in some lesser crimes or using minor drugs.

There’s hella Westheads out by the party at circle.
Westhead: define #2
The act of being very drunk and carrying out or “pulling” various foolish and embarassing acts.
Did you see Obama last night? He totally pulled a westhead
Westhead: define #3
West Head
A West Head. Used mainly for describing little creatures which have taken a wrong turn on the consumption of drugs and alcohol. The word deriving from the village of Halton. Many West Heads have been found there on a Friday night down at the porch sniffing Gary’s like a like a trooper.
Did you see ****, he went proper west. The West Head.
Westhead: define #4
Someone who’s head is west
That Connor Mcgoggy is a Westhead, he does Westhead things