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West Seattle
What can I say? After living all over the Seattle area, from the scummy White Center to the affluent east

side, West Seattle is the only place that holds any happy memories for me.What’s sad is that the upper areas are being ruined by the gang bangers from the south, while the east siders are completely taking over Alki. And Delridge is still Delridge.

I feel like going to West Seattle today.

*sees gangsters at the junction and swarms of mercedes at the beach*

Can’t life at least be fair SOMETIMES?

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West Seattle
A small friendly town located on the Duwamish Penninsula. West Seattle is home to many middle and upper class people with white picket fences.

Famous for its Alki Beach, one of the few sandy beaches in Seattle.

Not to be confused with Delridge, or White Center, which are ghettos and should never be associated with West Seattle.

West Seattle is a small town and a suburb of Seattle.