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west bromsports
the greatest football team in the world

wets brom 2-1 Wolves hahahahahaha
west brom: define #2
west brom
the best team ever

5 fa cups (same as chelsea)

1 division one

2 trips to the new wembly

albion 1-0 wolves

3 fa cup finals with villa in 10 years

the dingles just dont compare

west brom 1-0 wolves
west brom: define #3
west bromsports
A town self-centred on its football team. Fans of the team have a strong dislike for the Wolverhampton Wonderers.
Dave: Did you watch the footy last night?

Steve: Yeah! Come on you Bagggies! West Brom ftw!
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west brom
West Br*m. The crappest team there is. Forever in the shaddow of the mighty Wolves. And theyre top scorer looks like bugs bunny
Do you know where hell is?

Hell is at west brom! (SH*T)

Heaven is at Molineux

And thats where we come from

WANDERERS (shalala) WANDERERS (shalala)