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Short for “Wesley” or “Weston”. A restless go getter with a knack for making things happen. A born leader! He

dreams, he chases, he acquires. Nothing will stop a Wes! This man is an open book. He is forthright in telling you what he thinks. A great friend for those who aren’t afraid of brutal honesty and the encouragement of progression. He is strongly opinionated, and he clashes with many, but is always open to talk things out. He is a handyman. Known for grease and oil under his fingernails and sawdust in his shirt. He is commonly extremely creative and expressive. Manly and romantic. This man will grunt off his women when the boys are around, but rouse her to the point of irresistance when they are alone. Wes always has a mission. He commonly tussels within himself between his introverted and outspoken tendencies. He is an over-thinker, causing both positive and negative effects within his daily life. He fears, and thinks, and daydreams constantly. Wes is also known to typically have an average to small sized sexual organ. Nonetheless, it is always the tiny tug boats that get the most work done in the water. Wes might have fucked your bitch back in high school. Now as an adult he feels pretty bad about it, but he was in his prime and had to act. If you find a Wes, he probably won’t approach you because he is overthinking all of his surroundings. So go say hello and see what happens.

Wes is the best.

Yo, what do you think about that dude “Wes”?

Has anyone seen Wes around?
Wes: define #2
Wes is also known a Wesley. He is a totally amazing, epic, and rad friend. He is very cool to be around. Wes is an out going guy, he likes to make everyone smile. He does not judge anyone he first meets. Wes is loved by many people and is very well known to a great majority of people. He is the lunch time DJ. He knows how to always say the right thing to make your day better. He is caring, smart, and fun. Nothing is as great than having Wes as a friend.
Person 1: Hey you know that kid that Dj’s during lunch?

Person 2: You mean Wes? Yeah I know him he’s pretty cool.
Wes: define #3
Conjuction of We and Is. Obviously improper grammer, but it’s meaning is clear.
We’s gonna pregame before the show.
Wes: define #4
Abbreviation for “Wandering Eye Syndrome”. Men use this when they are caught looking at a woman’s chest and/or body and when asked why they say “I Have W.E.S.” and it totally works. It can be pronounced like the name Wes.
Girl: “Why are you looking at my boobs?”

Guy: “I’m sorry, I have W.E.S.”

Wes: define #5
a boy who has a strange habit of becoming a meme, usually seen wearing timbs and shorts
what a wes
Wes: define #6
a dumbass cock-boy, BITCH in every aspect of the word.
Student : DUDE that guy is a WES!

Teacher: 500 write offs for saying such a word.
Wes: define #7
also known as wez

An msn emotion which describes something that is confusing discusting and completely offensive all at the same time.
“omg did aiden talk to you last night?!”

“yeah he asked me to have sex, man he is so wes.”