Wes Eisold

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Wes Eisold
Vocalist for Give Up the Ghost (American Nightmare), which is probably one of the best bands in hardcore in recent

memory. (I could just spit out an entire bio, but instead just go to www.giveuptheghost.com, who knows the band better than the band themselves). Tortured, sincere, satirical lyrics are the only thing that comes from this man’s pen.

“I never said I’d stay to the fucking end. Fuck you, fuck all of you. You’ll never know what I wanted to say, those fucking words are as dead as the air I breathe. Life is just a big second guess, a broken staircase of mistook steps.”
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Wes Eisold
Lyricist for hardcore bands such as American Nightmare, Give Up the Ghost, Some Girls, etc. Quite possibly the best lyricist in hardcore music. Brought to recent mainstream attention because Fall Out Boy used some of his lyrics without permission on their first two mainstream albums (from under the cork tree and infinity on high). Interestingly enough, Eisold only has one hand (birth defect).
Compare Wes Eisold’s Red Cuts through Black Hearts, Sex and Glue, and, Gonna Set my soul on Fire (Some Girls) to XO (fall out boy)