Wes Craven

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Wes Craven
Any deviant sexual act done while wearing a Scream mask.

Mat: Dude what did you do last night, the bed is destroyed, there’s shit on the wall and there’s a chicken without feathers running around?

Josh Lynch: I totally did a Wes Craven on that chick last night!!!

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wes craven
God of horror and the macabre. All other horror directors pale in comparison (See “John Carpenter”) to the great Wes. Responsible for some of the greatest contributions to horror cinema past, present, and all the future.
Hey look at who is kissing Wes Craven’s ass! Its John Carpenter, the washed-out hack!
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wes craven
(Verb): The act of molesting and mutilating something, mangling it beyond all recognition. An act of the most intense violation, akin to viciously raping someone up the ass with a splintering 2×4 with rusted nails through it, complete with all the mess and blood and semen and feces left behind afterward.

Usually used in relation to the act of writing. (When one writes terribly.)

Used as a verb, as in “I’m going to wes craven that guy!” or “I wes craven-ed that story!”

The American version of Pulse. :'(