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An expression used when praising someone for doing something cunty or for looking fierce

Girl, I ain’t nevah seen nobody twirl as fierce as you in a pair of size 11 stilettos! You’re serving! You bettah werq!!!
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Doing something that goes above & beyond the expectations of something.
Wow! Bob werQed the cattle show & won ten trophies!
werq: define #3
“When Everyone Rage Quit”

An acronym used to make reference to all members of a group leaving at once due to anger, disappointment, or other negative emotion.

Can also mean “Winrar! Everyone Rage Quit”. This means that the person posting is happy due to the above.

OP: hey /b/ros, message me anytime for fun 😉

Anon1: inb4 trap

Anon2: rule 37

OP: (has a dick)

Anon3: Everyone Scatter!

Anon4: werq!

Anon5: 🙂 mfwerq