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Verb. To masturbate while looking at photos of busty, but clothed, late teenage girls on popular image hosting sites

as webshots and photobucket. The term originated in 2005 after the release of a plethora of photos of a pleasant, outgoing girl with the surname “Wenk”.

I could really wenk to that photo
wenk: define #2
A sound effect used in a story to exemplify a fall or a quick motion
I heard Jack Warner was on my road, so I fly out my house, WENKSSSS
wenk: define #3
Proper Noun. To be in the state of being a sexy beast. In the state of being irresistable to women over the age of 18.
Men in uniform are said to be wenks.
wenk: define #4
Noun; a pseudo-lesbian with enormous breasts.

Verb; to turn a straight girl gay with enormous breasts.

“Jessica is such a wenk.”

“She uses her tits to wenk other girls.”

wenk: define #5
Verb. Make yourself look like a smart-ass, by acting or saying things that make you look like an intellectual cunt.

Past tense – wank

A person who wenks is a wenker.

Origin: Wenk written backwards is knew.

“John: Hey, Marissa. Did you know you can’t defend your usage of weed because it has been scientifically proven that it causes lung damage, unlike you previously thought?

Marissa: Shut up, you wenker.

Third person watching: OH SHIT. OWNED.”

“Sometimes people think I’m a smart-ass but I only wenk by mistake.”

“I wank in a public library yesterday. People did not find it very friendly of me.”