Best definition
The term known as “Wello”(wel’low)can be used during casual conversations in order to communicate at maximum efficiency. It allows the

user to say two words at the same time. In this case, by saying “Wello/Wello!”, it is the same as saying “Well hello/Well hello!”.

“Wello Jane how are you!?”

“Well hello Jane how are you!?”
Wello: define #2
Essentially the opposite of hello. When not interested in conversation with another (usually irritating/annoying) person, a simple “Wello” should get the point accross. Wello = “I hear you, but I just don’t care”

At this point you are free to walk away.
When Melissa was in another room screaming my name to get my attention…



Wello: define #3
wellington boots (water-tight knee-high boots). also called wellies.
In is raining cats and dogs. You had better wear your wellos while going out.