Best definition
The seam of skin between the bullet hole and ball bag or vagina (minge, gash, clunge etc)

I’m gonna kick you in the weld
Weld: define #2
(Jamaica, old school) To engage in sexual intercourse.
I’m goin’ to be weldin’ her big time tonight, mon.
Weld: define #3
for sparks of love to fly
At raft camp, Josh and Lola were totally welding, you could see the sparks.
Weld: define #4
The space between a mans anus and nut sack. It is where a man is said to be welded together.
You can lick my weld if you like…actually just lick it anyway.
Weld: define #5
To rip a burning and horrible smelling fart
After eating that garlic pizza, I am going to weld.