Best definition
the funniest word in the world…. for now

weiner weiner weiner wiener weiner hahahaha
Weiner: define #2
Noun: Slang term for Penis
Jimmy sure has a small weiner
Weiner: define #3
a word that adds to the collection of penis, dick, aby-maker, bell on a pole, bishop, bratwurst ,cock ,custard launcher, dick, dickie ,ding dong mcdork,dong ,donger ,dork ,dragon ,fang, ferret ,fire, hose ,heat-seeking moisture missile, hose, Jimmy, John ,John Thomas (dated) ,joystick, knob ,leaky hose, lingam ,little Bob, little Elvis, longfellow ,love muscle ,manhood, meat popsicle, member, middle stump mushroom head, mutton, old boy, old fellow, old man ,one-eyed snake, one-eyed trouser-snake(Australia, UK) one-eyed monster, pecker, peepee (children’s term) Percy, peter, piss,weasle ,prick ,private part ,purple-helmeted warrior of love, purple-headed yogurtflinger, rodroundhead ,sausage, schlong, schmuck, shmuck (Yiddish) schwanz, schwarz, short armskin flute tasslethird leg ,thumper, todger (Australia, UK) ,tonk ,tool ,trouser ,snake ,tubesteak ,wang ,wang dudle ,wick ,willy (children’s term) ,yingyang ,yogurt gun

ask me about me weiner!
Weiner: define #4
the most unfortunate last name on the planet, apparently.
teacher: suzie vincent?

suzie: here

teacher: jeff WEE-ner?

class: haha, wiener!

jeff: it’s weiner. pronounced WHY-ner. assholes.
Weiner: define #5
A common misspelling of wiener.
weiner cousins
Weiner: define #6
A political distraction.
Nothing makes me forget about REAL issues of national importance like a big fat Weiner.
Weiner: define #7
Any girl with this last name is most likely:

1. Cute, petite, sporty, and caring.

2. Hot, georgous, has piercing eyes, and looks totally cute driving a big truck.

3. Elegant, great sense of humor, moves her body like a cyclone and can pop, lock and drop it like nobodys business, but dont be fooled she can make one hell of a sandwich.

1. Is that the new model for victoria’s secret? She is a total Weiner.

2. That weiner is so cute i just want to hold it.

3. I wish that weiner was in my truck.