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Noun. – A weigs
Adj. – A weigs
Synonym. – A weigs(also) Someone that makes everything hard look easy and everything easy

look hard(also) The paragon of beauty, the Neo-Adonis, what all men love to hate and what all women hate to love. But the sad fact is all woman do love, and do hate loving.

Hey look! That weigs is a weigs!!
Weigs: define #2
A person or person(s) who think they are straight hood. Someone who “sags” their pants and wears “fitteds” constantly. Usually can be found at a mall acting hard, and trying to shoulder check people. When provoked they can be vocally dangerous, but be firm and stand your ground as “weigs” are soft as hell. A weig will always make fun of others and belittle you in fron of your friends. But behind closed doors they usually come from broken households and can be made to cry at the drop of a hat. The vocabulary of a Weig is atrocious and is filled with words like “holla,mans,werd,skrilla,bread and so on…”
” that kids pants are on the floor almost, he is such a Weig”
Weigs: define #3
adjective, describing a less than adequite woman. A weig is a blue horned west indian goat! it is one of the worst insults known to human kind (homo-sapiens). If this was to be said to another human, the victim should leave the vicinity in fear, and have nightmares!
Abbi and Debs you are WEIGS!
Weigs: define #4
One who makes every easy task look extremely difficult
Only a weigs could do something like that.