Best definition
Site where you can make and dress an avatar, decorate a room, and visit a few ‘worlds’ (places where

people/weemee’s meet and move), blog, and chat.
You can pick skin, face shape, eye color, hair, tops, bottoms, dresses, accessories, food, and a few other things. Some are free and some you need points for. Points are given for either logging on and clicking/refreshing or buying a card at Wall-Mart or Target.
Most of the clothes and free things suck and the decent things were rid of.
Rooms are a room where you decorate with beds, chairs, posters, TV’s and other housely (and not so housely) stuff. Again; some previously free things need to be bought.
You can name and describe the objects and have people comment.
YOU CANNOT move or sit in rooms. Your avatar is just in the middle.
‘World’ is a place with a few places in itself you can move and chat.
Most people put pic links, poetry, and other things in their blog.
You also have a speech and tought bubble you can change.
People date(usually by saying “Your hot. wanna go out?”), have contests (like whos hotter and you vote), cyber sex (in rooms), and have cyber families (‘adopt kids’ and/or cyber and someone makes an account as the child)
People make role-play avatars and normal ones.
WW was once uncensored but now you need to misspell things with symbols or put a period between letters.
The site was ok; but when people quit/leave (especially with no warning), dumbass people comment (usually Twilight fans with no tolerence or people who thinks its cool to put people down b/c they think their avatar is better), and all the drama. No, really. A lot of people quit b/c the cyber-fights and drama get pathedically intense.
People pass chain letters, “ADD ME PLEASE!!!!”, “ADD my friend HoneyPie7777!”, “Vote for me on my page!”, and of course “Yer ugly.”
Goes with trends. When Harry Potter was big there were robes, wands, and WeeWarts….Now there is a sign that says “Team Edward” and some other BS.

My avatar is tan, round face, with grey eyes, and a pink dress

My room is all pink and white

ImSodamnHOT1 and me got married!

We had sex in my room and I had a baby! ADD SoCute98989989

If you dont pass this to 48 weemees in 2 seconds your mom will die.

WeeWorld isn’t go great anymore…..

WeeWorld: define #2
A chatroom created by Satan himself, where you create and customize a gay-looking little avatar thing that you can move around in equally gay looking landscapes and talk to others. If you even stick around that far, however, you’ll soon learn that about 90% of the users comprise of severly retarded and unbelievably stereotypical 9 year-old emo wiggers. The only reason to even consider entering this place is to troll it to fuck, as it’s pretty much a big open field with lolcows as far as the eye can see.
WeeWorld truly is Hell on Earth.
WeeWorld: define #3
this is an extrememly stupid online site, where 40 year old predators may reside. most of the people are fake bitches, and have no life. you get cyber families, if you’re gay enough for that, and have children who are really 15 or 16 year old people. it is not recommended to join this site, be warned.
“hey, have you quit weeworld yet?”

“not yet, it’s so addicting.”
WeeWorld: define #4
a popular chatroom, used mostly by 14 years olds, but used by people aged to 22!

( btw add bwabymeq )
me:: hey renee, go on weeworld!

renee:: alright, world or pages?