Best definition
An excuse for 12-17 year old guys to say a word that sounds like penis but isn’t penis. Most claim

that the weenis is the flap of skin under your elbow, but we all know thata. The skin is the Olecranal skin
b. You are just obsessed with saying penis if you say weenis constantly

Bill: “Dude my Weenis is dirty and scratched man”

Gary: “You just want to say penis don’t you”

Bill: “Nu uh. Weenis is a medical term!”

Gary: (pulls out medical dictionary to find nothing on weenis)

Gary: “GTFO”
Weenis: define #2
A portmanteau of ‘wimp’ and ‘penis’. an alternative to ‘wuss’ (a portmanteau of ‘wimp’ and ‘pussy’) because there is nothing wimpy about an orifice you can push a baby out of.
“I can’t come in to work today. My new tattoo hurts too much!”

“Steve! Don’t be such a weenis!”
Weenis: define #3
Lot’s of opinions that it’s the skin on your elbow–when I was a kid 30 years ago, however, it quite clearly was used as a combo-word in between “Wussy and Penis.”

So if you weren’t quite a Wussy (Weiner/Pussy), and you were kind of acting like a dick, you were a Weenis/Weenus.

“Dude, stop being such a Weenis! You talked us into climbing up here, so you get to jump first.”
Weenis: define #4
The flap of skin on your elbow
“Damn I just scratched my Weenis on a piece of cabbage
Weenis: define #5
Its actually the skin on your elbow.
Ow, I hit my weenis on the refrigerator.
Weenis: define #6
THE BAND: sings remixes of adle vice and original compositions; some of which include: “Dinner is on the table” a Southern anthem, “Penis here, Penis there”: one woman’s opinioin of the roll of men’s reproductive organs in society, “Down with Bush” the honest song about the defective Republican party, and others . . . check them out.
That cool band Weenis makes some chill jams!
Weenis: define #7
frank and mags word
we are weens