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A stylish brand of loafers first popularized during the 1950s but since 2004 have begun to experience a revival in

street culture.

Z-car Curtis: Man, RT be trippin’.

Do Dirty: Hell yeah. We was at his auntie’s house yesterday and he jumped in the pool with his Weejuns on.

Z-car Curtis: Why he do dat?

Do Dirty: Said they make his feet feel fine.

Weejuns: define #2
A cuddly and ironic derogatory term for a Norwegian person (Norweejun – weejun). Obviously injun-based and often used with references to fish or fjords. Coined somewhere on undernet IRC.

Used lovingly when establishing a faux macho tone.
<superfuzz(from Norway)> Good morning channel.

<non-weejun> STFU weejun bastard. Go suck a herring