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A dumb, uncoordinated, ogre-like creature that is a descendant of the Weeitsaurus. Is prone to falling out of bed. Roughly

8 feet 11 inches tall. There is only one known in existence. Resides in Bethel Park. Has three guard dogs that do nothing but eat food. Lives in a castle. Eats fist when confused, to prevent saying something stupid. Derp.


Ken: What the fuck was that?

Brain: Oh, I guess the Weeit fell out of bed, again.

Ken: He’s such an oaf.

weeit: define #2
Jamaican Slang for something extremely gay, Jamaican version of No Homo
Jason: You kno that was a tough thing to swallow

Kudjoe: Weeit!! …Weeeiitttttt that was dumb gay