Best definition
someone who is very cheep when it comes down to providing weed for the whole circle.a weedscape usually has a

grinder that they always demand to use. in the end of a session the weedscape tries to steal any left over weed, including the weed left over in their grinder. when using their own weed the weedscape will roll only the smallest joints/blunts or pack the smallest bowls. but when using someones weed the weedscape will roll monster sized joints/blunts bowls etc. The weed scape or scape will give single papers at a time as opposed to a pack or a bundle of papers(this however wouldn’t be a big deal but usually the weedscape is loaded with packs on top of packs of papers). the weedscape is always looking for new dealers, and calls dealers multiple times and backs out of multiple deals witch thus pisses off dealers. weedscapes also tend to be stubborn in anything, not just weed. weedscapes also never let the joint go out with out getting in their last hits, even if the roach is minuscule in size. finally a weedscape will take all stems, seeds, or crumbs that fall out of a joint or blunt.

yo man that weedscape just took all my weed that was in his grinder.

don’t toss that roach the weedscape is gonna want to try and hit it.

the cheep weedscape tried to take more weed from the bag then he paid for and was beaten.