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A form of literature which began sometime in the 1960s. The movement was underground, bookstores often refused to sell

the genre, and parents fought for public schools to ban it. Despite, or perhaps because of, the great pressure against the genre there were several great works about it from Bob Dylan, Carol Moore, Phillip K. Dick, Robert Shea, and Robert Anton Wilson.

Hey! Have you heard Blowin in the Wind?

Yeah! That’s so weedpunk, man.

weedpunk: define #2
A literary sub-genre of the *punk format, in a similar vein to steampunk. Weedpunk fiction is usually set in highly-stylized dystopian universes where consumption and (often industrial) use of cannabis is widespread and present in virtually all sectors of society. Weedpunk literature contains a variety of themes focusing on rebellion, hope, control, and power.
I’ve been reading some Carol Moore – a seminal weedpunk author.