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A Weedjay is much like a pest bird that eats the other birds eggs out of the nest, in that

it will try to leech as much marijuana narbules out of you as it possibly can with as little as possible effort or money being used in its attempts.Some Weedjay tactics include begging, IOU’s, guilt tripping, and false/empty promises that are never fufilled; An example of this: I LOST MY SMOKES CAN I HAVE A FEW HOOTS?!? HEY IF YOU GO GET A PAYDAY LOAN ILL PAY YOU BACK JUST GET US SOME BOOZE AND SMOKES AND A PHAT BAG MAN YOU KNOW IM GOOD FOR IT.Weedjays tend to Dun Goofed a lot so they end up being granted additional terminology such as Cray Slarb/Snarb. This is due to the fact that they use their crayfish-pincer like attitudes to secure any wayward weed-crumbs when their Weedjaying doesn’t pan out to their benefit.

Weedjays, Cray Snarbs, Cray Slarbs, They all have one thing in common, their inability to actually “get you back”.

No matter what they promise you, they will inevitably disappear into their burrows..

Example: ” person1: WEEDCRAYSNARB!! Where is that nice roach i left out on the table last night? “

person2: “I smoked it.”

person1: “Dude thats all I had left, wtf man”

person2: “Don’t worry I’ll get you back”

person1: “Do I need to hide you? Get the fuck out of my house!”