Best definition
a) one who smokes someone else’s weed and doesn’t put money on itb) one who smokes weed by themselves at

a party

a) We couldn’t find Josh at the party last night, so we looked in the backyard and we found him smoking all the weed by himself, thats when anir yelled out WEEEEEEEDHOEEEEEE.

b) Josh never puts money on the weed, but when someone lights up the blunt, josh is always the first one to hit it. what a weedhoe.

Weedhoe: define #2
Weed hoe
A girl that whores out for a group of guys so that she can smoke their weed for free. They are usually underage, but could pass for 18. Typically a pretty girl from a nice family that just dresses scummy and hangs out with scummy guys (that are also typically from nice families)

Typical attire:

– Pajama bottoms or sweatpants

– Tight tank top

– Bob marley tshirt

– Lax pinny

– The sweatshirt of one of the guys they hang with

– Flip flops

– Hemp jewelery

– Sloppy bun

– Belly button ring

She’s totally leading him on so she can smoke his shit for free.. What a weed hoe.