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Someone who is obsessed with Weed/Jamaica/Bob Marley, etc. and attempts to act as if they were Jamaican just because they

smoked weed once (or never). Also noticeable by their lack of English only using a limited vocabulary. Weedaboo’s are usually Portuguese and can be found on Facebook and Steam with their country set to Jamaica and using an avatar of Bob Marley or some random person with a joint. They can also be compared to Swaggers (See: Swag) and have similar behaviours like weeaboo’s

Weedaboo: bro jamaica smoke weed

Random guy: What a weedaboo
weedaboo: define #2
Someone who defends cannabis and legalization with information found solely on the internet, with no reliable sources to back it up. They are the kind of people who say things like “I use weed for my ADHD medication because ADHD pills are bad for you lol.”

Also generally retarded people overally.

How to Spot a Weedaboo:

•The kind of stoners that nobody fucking likes.

•Even other stoners fucking hate him.

• The kind of stoner who appropriates Jamaican culture and wishes he was black.

•The kind of stoner that has a weed blog on Twitter.

•The kind of stoner that wears a drug rug Every. Fucking. Day.

•The kind of stoner that would move to Colorado, Washington or California just to smoke.

•The kind of stoner that has no future, has his priorities mixed up, and will probably die alone.

•Listens to Nichismoke and other Snoop Dogg parodies and takes them seriously.

•Generic sense of humor, mostly weed jokes.

Not even a stoner anymore, just a blatant pothead.

This guy is a weedaboo, he barely passed High School and just talks about weed/drugs all the time and nothing else.