Weed Rollercoaster

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Weed Rollercoaster
A weed rollercoaster is a occurance that happens when you smoke at least 3-4 bowls of weed and when you

sit back and relax and empty your mind it feels like your riding a rollercoaster.Sometimes if you roll your eyes back you feel as if you come out of your body and you have a feeling of extreme bliss.Its quite annoying if you are starting to ride a rollercoaster and some one trys to talk to you or snap you out of it.You know if someone just got done riding cause they will have a large smile on there face.

(Josh looks at Jantzen)

Josh:Damn Jantzen always be riding them rollercoasters

(Jantzen comes off the rollercoaster)

Jantzen:God damn im high as fuck;I felt like i was fucking

going a thousand miles a hour

Josh:Haha,nigga you just rode a weed rollercoaster didnt you?

Jantzen:Hell yea